Get Rich Slowly

by J.D. Roth

Get Rich Slowly is your no-bullshit guide to personal finance. My aim is to help you get rich. Everything here is accurate and effective, to the best of my knowledge. When I discover an error or learn something new, I make corrections and updates.

Nothing here is illegal or immoral or shady, and I’m not selling any expensive courses. This is, however, a for-profit site. I earn money when you buy products and services that I mention. That said, I will never pitch something just for the moneyBecause that’s bullshit., and I’ve clearly labelled anything that puts pennies in my pocket.

Why should you trust me? You shouldn’t. Not yet, anyhow.

But I suspect that — like millions of others since 2006 — once you’ve explored all that Get Rich Slowly has to offer, you’ll see that I’m no shyster. I’m a garden-variety nerd.Here’s more about me and this website. I grew up poor. As an adult, I spent 17 years mired in debt before I figured out this financial stuff on my own. My aim now is to help others master their money too.

If you have questions or concerns, contact me. Otherwise, dive in. It’s your turn to get rich slowly!

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Do what's right. Do your best. Accept the outcome.
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